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Little Sam's Secret Place Children's Book


H. C. Walters III, the owner of Secret Place Media and the author of Little Sam’s Secret Place, writes an inspiring tale of a little boy who discovers his parents are struggling through hard times and maybe on the verge of separation. Uncertain about the future, Little Sam goes secretly to his bedroom closet to pray, where he embarks on a whimsical adventure that brings him meaning, purpose, and closeness to God.


This is an important book for children because it illustrates in an imaginative, fun, and entertaining way, that children of all races and backgrounds can also have a meaningful relationship with God. Includes 21 stunning full-page illustrations.

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Little Sam's Secret Place is a wonderful story, full of charm and warmth that reminds us what it's like to see God through the eyes of a little boy, and how he sees the things in this world and how they effect him from the smallest to the biggest.


Darren Clark, Technical Director for Television Animation

In today's society, perhaps there has not been a better-timed story than Little Sam's Secret Place. A heartwarming story that is sure to be an encouragement to many families.


Ed Eason, Guitarist for Multi- platinum Artist

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